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Transport information

The shipping and transportation methods of Cailong include our special truck transportation, third-party logistics company transportation, air transportation and sea transportation. The choice of transportation method will be comprehensively evaluated according to the value, size, weight of the goods, the time of arrival of the customer, and the transportation risk of the goods. Cailong's business department will make a detailed understanding with the customer during the quotation stage, and then provide our packaging and transportation methods to the customer for confirmation. After the customer is approved, the two parties will communicate and confirm the delivery for delivery.

Cailong owns three special trucks, and the delivery of customers in the Pearl River Delta area is usually driven by Cailong's driver to the customer's designated warehouse.

For customers outside the province, such as Zhejiang Wanliyang, Guangxi Liuqi, Shanghai Shuanglin, Inner Mongolia Chery and other customers, the delivery method generally arranges large domestic logistics companies to assist in transportation. In order to prevent the deformation of the goods in the transportation process, Cailong will do good protection in the packaging method, such as adding wooden box reinforcement outside the carton or plastic frame. In many years of practice, there has never been a phenomenon of product damage caused by transportation.

For overseas customers, such as goods exported to the United States, Israel, Australia and other countries, we will use the whole pallet packaging method, wrapping with plastic wrap for external use, and sending it to the port to load into the container and ship by sea. At the same time, our company has professional customs brokers do all the customs clearance at the same time to ensure the smooth export of the goods to the destination designated by the customer When overseas customers require goods to be delivered at the fastest speed, we can also arrange air shipments.

Return Policy

After receiving the customer's complaint and return feedback, Cailong will give the customer processing advice within 24 hours, reply to the cause analysis of the defect within 48 hours, and form an 8D report to reply to the customer improvement plan.