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Tension Spring

Tension Spring

KC Hardware uses fully automatic Taiwan imported special tension spring forming equipment to process tension springs. The springs are formed at one time with high stability. The abnormal products can be sorted online to ensure that the defective products do not flow out. Can produce tension springs with a wire diameter of 0.1-0.8MM

CNC Milling Details

Applications of Custom Tension Springs

Tension spring, also known as spiral tension spring, is generally equal pitch and the cross-section of custom tension spring is round. Custom tension springs can be used on many occasions, such as production, assembly, experiment, research, maintenance, etc.

Custom tension springs occupy an important position in the global market. They are widely used in the fields of national defense, ocean, computer, electronics, automobile, mold, medicine, biochemistry, aerospace, railway, nuclear power, wind power, thermal power, construction machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, elevator, and so on.

Differences Between Custom Tension Springs and Compression Springs

  • Custom tension springs are tension coil springs that bear axial tension. Custom tension springs are generally made of materials with a circular cross-section. When the load is not borne, the tension coil springs are generally tight between the ring without clearance.  

  • When the compression spring is loaded, it can produce large elastic deformation and convert the mechanical work or kinetic energy into deformation energy. After unloading, the deformation of the custom compression spring disappears and returns to its original state.

  • A number of different end devices or "hooks" are used to ensure the source of tension in the custom tension springs. Custom tension springs work in opposition to compression springs. A compression spring works in the opposite direction when it is pressed, and a custom tension spring works in the opposite direction when it is stretched or pulled. When the ends of the stretch spring are pulled apart, the spring tries to pull them back together.  

  • Like compression springs, custom tension springs absorb and store energy. But unlike compression springs, most stretch tension springs are usually under some degree of tension, even without any load.

The computational formula of custom tension springs

1. The initial tension of the custom tension spring

The initial tension is equal to the force required to pull the custom tension spring close to each other and the ring. The initial tension occurs after the tension coil spring is rolled into shape. Tension coil spring is influenced by many factors such as the steel wire material, wire diameter, spring index and so on. Therefore, when installing the tension spring of various specifications, it should be pre-pulled to a slightly separated distance between the rings.

Initial tension =P-k X l= maximum load - spring constant X stretch length

2. Custom tension spring constant: expressed in k, for each additional 1mm distance load (KGF /mm) when the spring is stretched

Custom tension spring constant formula (unit: KGF /mm) : k= (G*d4)/(8*Dm3*Nc)  

G: rigidity modulus of wire rod;

D: Wire diameter;

DM: Medium diameter = Outer diameter - Line diameter;  

NC: Valid number of turns = total number of turns -2.  

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