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Wire Forming Service

Wire Forming Service

The arbitrary 3D space bending and forming of round material with metal cross-section is
the special field of Caelong Hardware, KC has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing such products.

KC Hardware has more than 50 sets of wire forming, bending and forming equipment, all imported from Taiwan and Britain, with computerized automatic feeding and bending control, the accuracy of the product's linear length and spatial angle is well guaranteed to meet the demand for high quality products.

Types of Wire Forming Service

  • U Shape Wire Forming
    U Shape Wire Forming
    Such bent products are used to support the display stand, the appearance of the product is demanding, the surface of the product is not allowed to have processing marks and the symmetry of the product should be consistent.
  • Multi Shape Wire Forming
    Multi Shape Wire Forming
    This product is bent with multiple 90 degree right angle bends, and because the raw material is made of high elastic gin wire, the material must be annealed before it can be bent and shaped.
  • S Shape Wire Forming
    S Shape Wire Forming
    Serpentine bending products require a high degree of consistency in the size of each U-shape, the material needs a certain degree of strength, the overall flatness of the product needs to be guaranteed, and the product has a certain load-bearing capacity, so the product needs to be heat-treated and shaped.

Applications of Wire Forming Service