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CNC Turning

The outer diameter of the shaft products that can be processed by KC Hardware is from 1MM to 60MM. The materials of the products can be copper, iron, aluminum, and stainless steel. The products are formed at one time on a CNC lathe, and they can be turned and processed. The surface finish can reach Ra0.4 or more, and it has integrated turning and milling equipment. Milling is performed on the turned products, and all the processing procedures of the product are completed under one positioning reference, which can improve the processing accuracy of the product and meet the high precision of customers demand

Precision CNC Turning Details

  • Thread Turning
    01 Thread Turning
  • Contour Turning
    02 Contour Turning
  • Form Turning
    03 Form Turning
CNC Milling Details

Custom CNC Turning Advantages

CNC turning is suitable for small and medium batch production of single pieces. In recent years, its application is more and more common. Its main advantages are good flexibility, short time of equipment adjustment and preparation when replacing parts; The efficiency can be improved by optimizing cutting parameters and adaptive control; Good processing quality, less special fixture, low production preparation cost; Machine tool operation technology requirements are low, not affected by the operator's skills, vision, spirit, physical and other factors.

Custom CNC Turning Applications

For shaft parts, CNC turning is suitable for the following characteristics: 

  • The parts with complex structure or shape that are difficult to be processed with general processing operation which would cause long working hours and low processing efficiency.

  • Parts with high accuracy consistency are required.

  • For parts with variable cutting conditions, such as the need for cutting grooves, car holes, car threads due to shape characteristics, the cutting amount should be changed many times.

  • The batch is not large, but each batch of parts with variable varieties and a certain degree of complexity.

For worm shaft parts with keyway, radial hole (including screw hole), and distributed hole (including screw hole) on the end face, such as the shaft with flange, shaft with keyway or square head, can also be processed in the turning center. Besides the ordinary CNC turning, all kinds of grooves, holes (including screw holes), surfaces, and other machining surfaces on the parts can also be processed. The working procedure is highly centralized, and its processing efficiency is higher than that of ordinary NC turning, and the machining accuracy is more stable and reliable.

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