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Company Culture

Cailong pays attention to the company's cultural construction. The company organizes employee travel every year to enhance the friendship and emotions between employees during the activities, which is conducive to better cooperation at work. At the end of each year, the company will hold a group annual banquet to commend outstanding employees and to affirm and reward outstanding employees, which fully stimulates employees' passion for work and a sense of identification with the company. At the same time, the company will often provide employees with training opportunities to improve the management level and skills and 5S literacy of the company's employees, so that employees can develop good working habits.

Every year, the company will provide various departments to organize four departmental gatherings. The spare-time activities increase the cooperation and cohesion between departments.

The company arranges employees' physical examinations every year to protect their health.

The company also set up rewards with reasonable suggestions to motivate employees to make independent improvements at work, improve work efficiency, and save product costs.

The company’s employees will treat the company as their own family to run the company, and the company also gives its employees humane care. The employees and the company are integrated together to create huge value and wealth for society and make their due contributions to the prosperity and stability of society.