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CNC Lathe Service

CNC Lathe Service

All metal materials with round cross-section up to 60mm can be turned in steps
drilled and tapped, and surface knurled for optimal machining by KC Hardware.

KC Hardware Company has more than 100 automatic lathes, which can meet the mass production needs of customers' products, which can be made of copper, aluminum, easy-cut iron or stainless steel, and the precision of the products is guaranteed within 0.02!

Types of CNC Lathe Service

  • Plain Lathe
    Plain Lathe
    The optical shaft products in KC Hardware can be produced with many different machines and equipment, such as automatic lathes, linear machines, buttoning machines, CNC spring machines can be realized, according to the different precision requirements of the product selection of different processing equipment.
  • Transmission Lathe Supplier
    Transmission Lathe Supplier
    Drive shaft is generally used in the mechanism of mechanical transmission, for the drive shaft must have certain dimensional accuracy and coaxial tolerance requirements.
  • Spline Shaft
    Spline Shaft
    The surface knurling of the product can be realized on the lathe or by the secondary knurling process, which can greatly provide production capacity, knurling shaft is generally used in a large number of toys and electronic products.
  • Stepped Shaft
    Stepped Shaft
    The step spindle is similar to the use of the drive shaft, the key control is the outside diameter of each step and the concentricity of several steps, the axial distance of the steps, which can be easily guaranteed by KC's automatic lathe equipment.

Applications of CNC Lathe Service