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CNC Router End Mill Bits

CNC Milling

KC provides metal CNC cutting product manufacturing services, sample L/T 3-7 days, mass production cycle 7-15 days

KC can serve customers with CNC machining services for various hardware parts. We have more than 20 precision CNC machining equipment from Korea and Japan, and quickly provide customers with complicated shapes for drawing samples and mass production. We have senior technical personnel with rich technical experience, who can provide customers with technical consultation on parts and solutions to problems

KC is a professional CNC mill manufacturer that owns various CNC mills and lathes for CNC metal turning and milling. We are capable of CNC precision milling, custom aluminum milling, sheet metal milling, universal milling, and other types of custom CNC metal milling.

CNC Milling Services Details

  • Facing
    01 Facing

    The use of end milling refers to a processing method that uses an end mill to mill the surface of a workpiece. When end milling, the main cutting edge distributed on the cylindrical or conical surface plays the cutting role, and the end cutting edge is the secondary cutting edge, which plays an auxiliary cutting role.

  • Thread Milling
    02 Thread Milling

    Thread milling is a thread milling tool, three-axis linkage of the machining center, that is, X, Y-axis circular interpolation, Z-axis linear feed milling method to process threads.

  • Pocketing
    03 Pocketing

    In the machining of plane cavity parts, the keyway milling cutter that can be cut vertically is generally selected. The radius of the cutter should be less than or equal to the minimum arc radius of the inner contour. The materials are carbide and high-speed steel.

  • Profiling
    04 Profiling

    The profiling process is based on the pre-made master mold. Under certain pressure during processing, the contact is in close contact with the working surface of the master mold and moves along the surface. The profiling mechanism enables the tool to perform synchronous profiling actions. So as to process parts with the same profile as the master on the part blank.

CNC Milling Details

Custom CNC Milling Applications

CNC lathe can be used to process the shape of a complex rotating body. CNC Milling is to fix the blank, use the high-speed rotary milling cutter to go on the blank, cut out the shape and characteristics needed. Traditional milling is used for milling profiles and grooves. CNC milling machines can be used to process complex shapes and features. Milling and boring machining center can be used for three or multi-axis milling and boring, which is used for machining, die, inspection tools, mold, thin-walled complex surface, artificial prosthesis, blade, etc.

Differences Between CNC Turning and Milling

CNC milling is a common way of metal cold working, which is different from turning in that the tool rotates at high speed driven by the spindle, while the workpiece is relatively static. Turning is used to process revolving parts. The parts are clamped on the spindle of the machine tool through a three grip chuck and rotate at a high speed. Then the turning tool is used to cut out the appearance of the product according to the generatrix of the revolving body. The lathe can also process the inner hole, thread, and undercut. The latter two are low-speed processing.

CNC Milling Details

CNC Milling Center Specifications

Tooling typesDepth ( mm )stepFeedSpeed

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