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CNC Grinding

CNC Grinding

KC Hardware has several cylindrical grinding processing equipment for shaft products. The outer diameter tolerance of the product can reach an accuracy of 0.001MM, and the surface finish of the product can reach Ra0.1 or more. The equipment has high grinding efficiency and can meet the needs of customers. Need for mass production of cylindrical grinding of similar products

CNC Milling Details

CNC Grinding Service Advantages

  • High grinding efficiency: When the grinding wheel rotates at high speed relative to the workpiece, the linear speed of the grinding wheel is about dozens of times higher than that of the ordinary tool, and the machine tool can obtain higher metal removal rate.

  • High precision can be obtained: The chip layer of each abrasive is very thin, generally only a few microns, so the surface can obtain high precision and low surface roughness.

  • High cutting power and energy consumption

  • High process flexibility

  • High automation of process

CNC Grinding Service Range

CNC Grinding has a wide range of applications. CNC grinding machine can process high hardness materials, such as hardened steel, cemented carbide, etc; Can also process brittle materials, such as glass, granite. The grinder can be used for grinding with high precision and small surface roughness, and also for grinding with high efficiency, such as power grinding.

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