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Stamping Service

Stamping Service

All kinds of small and medium-sized metal stamping and molding products
belong to the mature technology field of KC Hardware, with more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing.

KC Hardware has more than 30 sets of 45T-400T stamping equipment, most of which are from Taiwan and Japan, and Color Dragon has the ability to design and manufacture its own continuous molds, from mold development to product molding is completed in our company independently.

Types of Stamping Service

  • Electrical Terminals Stamping
    Electrical Terminals Stamping
    Terminal products are mainly used for electronic circuit control, which require high electrical conductivity for the material, because the product replaces the function of the circuit, it is more complicated in structure, and requires higher level of stamping die design.
  • Communication Equipment Stamping
    Communication Equipment Stamping
    The material of communication devices is relatively thin, and the precision of molding is required to be high, especially the electrical conductivity of the material must be good, and products with high requirements must also be processed by passivation process to increase the corrosion resistance of the product.
  • Bracket Stamping
    Bracket Stamping
    Stamped products for the use of stents mainly play a supporting and positioning role in terms of assembly function, the position of the product assembly hole is required to be higher, and the thickness of the material is on the thick side, the tonnage of equipment required more than 120 tons.
  • Lighting Stamping
    Lighting Stamping
    The stamping parts are mainly used for the installation of ceiling lamps and fixtures, the products generally need to be assembled together with torsion springs to play the role of the spring clip, the product is generally required to do surface corrosion plating to increase service life.
  • Elastic Stamping Parts
    Elastic Stamping Parts
    Such elastic stampings are mainly formed from high-carbon carbon steel, which generally undergoes a heat treatment process to increase the hardness and improve the elasticity of the product, which requires a certain degree of elasticity and must guarantee a certain degree of dimensional accuracy.
Stamping Service
Stamping Service Products

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