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Elastic Stamping Parts

Elastic Stamping Parts

The yield strength of the metal stamping is the measure of the amount of force necessary to shape and deform a metal. When a metal is deformed, it goes through two changes --elastic and plastic. Elastic deformation can happen when it bends under its own weight while plastic deformation is when a metal is processed and permanently changed. elastic-stamping-parts. Springback, which is the elastic recovery of the non-uniformly distributed stresses in a deformed part after the forming load is removed, is one of the most critical issues in sheet metal stamping.

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Advantages of Elastic Stamping Parts

Elastic stamping parts are qualified in terms of geometry, tightness, smoothness, and optical clarity which are necessary conditions for manufacturing parts. Elastic stamping parts are mainly formed from high-carbon carbon steel, which generally undergoes a heat treatment process to increase the hardness and improve the elasticity of the product, which requires a certain degree of elasticity and must guarantee a certain degree of dimensional accuracy.

Application of Elastic Stamping Parts

Though virtually any metal, including gold, can be stamped, sheet metal is by far the most common. The type of metal used depends on the type of part that's needed and its desired properties, such as heat resistance and elasticity. High carbon steels are those with carbon contents between 0.60% and 1.4% of the overall weight. The alloys in this particular category constitute the strongest and hardest within the three groups, but they are also the least ductile. These steels are used in a range of different mechanical, cutting, and bearing applications as they can be hardened through heat treating and tempering.

Characteristics of Elastic Stamping Parts

The elastic stamping parts have good plasticity. Stamping materials generally have higher elongation and reduction of area, lower yield squinting and higher tensile strength, high plasticity, a large degree of deformation, it's conducive to the stability of the stamping process. The uniformity of qualitative and deformation improves the precision stamping parts and forming dimensional accuracy.

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