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Stepped Shaft

Stepped Shaft

A stepped shaft is used to locate the installation of parts. Different heights of the stepped shaft shoulder can limit the movement of the axis direction of the parts on the stepped shaft or movement trend, preventing the installation of parts in the work of slippage. Besides, a stepped shaft can also reduce the work of some parts of the axial pressure produced on other parts. The measurement of the stepped shaft uses a caliper for high-precision online, which ensures the quality of the stepped shaft. As a reliable and professional stepped shaft service supplier, KC Hardware will provide high-quality and excellent service to meet your various requirements.

CNC Milling Details

Methods for Determining the Dimensions of Stepped Shafts

1. Calculate the dangerous section according to the stepped shaft force to determine the basic stepped shaft journal.  

2. According to the mandible of the journal at the installation bearing is 0 or 5, the other journal steps can ensure easy disassembly and installation.  

3. The length of each section of the stepped shaft is mainly determined by the distance between the parts on the stepped shaft and each other.  

4. On the basis of the initial minimum diameter, the diameter of each section of the stepped shaft is estimated by increasing segment according to the fixed mode and the stress condition of the parts on the stepped shaft.  

How to Design Stepped Shafts

1. The design of the stepped shaft is determined by the minimum stepped shaft diameter according to its maximum bearing capacity.

2. According to the bearing capacity, the stepped shaft is influenced by the fixed mode. Select the appropriate bearing and determine the stepped shaft diameter of the section.  

3. According to its fixed way, determine the appropriate stepped shaft shoulder, etc.  

4. Choose the economic processing size of the stepped shaft

According to the above characteristics of the stepped shaft, you can determine the entire axis. The size of the shaft diameter may be different, and then the stepped shaft is formed.

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